The procedure is comfortable and relaxing and can take approximately 1-2 hours to complete. Lush Lashes will eventually fall out with the natural lash. It is therefore important that if you want to maintain the full lash look, you will need to be topping them up every 2-3 weeks. Cared for properly, Lush Lashes will last until the natural eyelash they are attached to sheds.

Consultation 15 Mins FREE
Full Set (Lasts up to 8 weeks with in fills) 1.5 to 2 Hours £50.00
In Fills Every 3 Weeks (60 Mins) £30.00
Eyelash Removal 30 Mins £15.00

For the first two hours after your treatment do not let water come in contact with your eyes.

For maintaining your professional eyelash extensions just follow these simple rules:

  • For two days after your treatment do not steam your face, use steam baths, swim or wash the face with hot water. Avoid sunbeds for 48 hours.
  • If you wish to use mascara make sure you it is water based and do not use waterproof mascara or any oil based eye makeup remover as it will damage the adhesive.
  • Be gentle – do not rub the eyes or lashes when washing the face. Always pat dry the lashes after cleansing.
  • Be gentle – no picking!!!
  • Make sure that you keep them looking glossy with a coat of Sealer every two or three days to preserve and extend.

Gift vouchers available on request!

Payment accepted via Cash, cheques or Paypal.

Please note: Prices above are for lashes that have been treated properly as per the aftercare instructions, otherwise extra costs may be incurred on the day. 50% Cancellation fees apply if less than 24 hours notice is provided. Missed appointments will be charged the full treatment fee.