Silk Eyelash Extensions

Semi permanent eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular today not just because they look beautiful but because they can make our lives a little bit easier, when getting ready in the mornings for work or for the school run or even on holiday.

Wake up looking amazing each morning with Lush Lashes, providing the highest quality of silk semi-permanent lashes in a variety of curls, various thicknesses and many lengths!


Natural lashes with a slight curl

The B-Curl shape is straight at the base with a curl at the end, to give a gentle flick at the end of the lashes. This look is between the ‘natural’ and ‘glamour’ look. Designed to simulate the shape of lashes as if curled with an eyelash curler. Natural black in colour, virtually weightless and silky soft to touch.


Normal curl with a glamorous look

The C-Curl shape is the most popular among eyelash clients creating lift and curl for those who need it. This look is the ‘glamour’ look. Designed to simulate the shape of eyelashes after they have been permed. Natural black in colour, virtually weightless and silky soft to touch.


Totally glamorous with extra lift

The D-Curls lashes are the most glamorous shaped individual lashes on offer – great for special occasions! This look is ‘totally glamorous’. Suitable for natural lashes with an accentuated curl. Feature more curve than C curl eyelash extensions.

Volume lashes

Volume lashes feature a full set of lashes with a thinner lash applied to an existing lash to ‘fan out’ the lashes and make them look even more fuller than a normal set, this takes approximately 2.5 hours to apply and the client must have a healthy set of lashes to start with.

Please call to discuss this new technique.

Please call to discuss this new technique.


In-fills are essential, just like nail extensions your lashes will grow and will need to be maintained in a similar way. The average human eyelash takes 1 month to grow and approximately 3 months to naturally drop out, then the growth cycle starts again. To maintain the full look, as they were on the first day, I strongly recommend that in-fill appointments are made for every 3 weeks, these appointments take approximately 45 – 60 minutes.

If the aftercare advice is followed, eyelash extensions can last 3 – 4 weeks before they start to look gappy. ‘In-fills’ are necessary every 3 weeks to add more lashes to the new lashes that have grown through and tidy up the existing lash extensions you still have in.

All sets will be specifically tailored to you. Below are some of the lash looks that can be achieved with the service.

  • Feline flick: get the feline look with longer lashes on the outer edges to create the perfect cats-eyes and make like Brigitte Bardot and Dita Von Teese.
  • Red-carpet glamour: Get it all! Length, volume and curl to inject some high drama and va-va-voom with this glamorous, red-carpet lash look and make like Kim Kardashian and Cheryl Cole.
  • Eye opener: enhance your eyes with this fresh-faced look. Longer lashes are applied in the centre of the eye to create a youthful wide awake look to make your eyes ‘pop’ and make like Megan Fox.
  • Naturally enhanced: Fine lashes are added to create a subtle enhancement so eyes appear bright and defined and make like Jennifer Lopez.